Customer Support

Full support at all points of your event

It’s important to us that your event goes well. We’re always available if you have any questions, and your attendees will get our full attention as well.

Customer Support

Full back-end support

Know how many meetings your attendees booked and who the top networker was.

Live chat

Attendees can use our live chat on our website or in-app to solve any questions they have.


Reach our Customer Success Managers whenever you are facing challenges – we are there to help you.

Setup as simple as our networking

You’ll get a fully operational platform that you can edit and change how you want.

Full platform control

You have full control of the platform and edits update instantly.

Hands on or hands off

Be as involved with the platform development as you want - 0% or 100%.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

You get a professional consultant to guide you and help with anything you need.

On-Boarding Process

From initial setup and onboarding to on-site support, our team is there for you!

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