Measurable ROI, Metrics & data for all your events

Measure attendees’ engagement & exhibitors’ ROI in real time and analyze all data to grow your event in the right direction

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Event Metrics & Reports

Measure, Monitor and Manage your Event Performance in Real Time

Control and measure the networking at your event and monitor event performance in real time. Dive into the insights section to understand the interactions that took place at your event and measure the performance for every group of people that attended.

Attendee interests & intents

Establish buyer intent and find new content topics from networking interests.

Create your own matchmaking rules

You stay in control and decide which keywords to match, filter and search for. Based on your specifications, our software plays out the optimal networking recommendations to visitors.

Attendee interests & intents

Analyze who really attend at your event, what they are interested in and why!

Data integrations

Integrate your data through our API or import CSV data via the hubs101 dashboard.

Control and measure the networking at your event and monitor event performance in real time.

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Attendee Analytics & Attendee ROI

Attendee behavior

Booth views, session clicks and engagement rates – Get a detailed report and find out who found which profile interesting, who favors which session and who finds which sponsor interesting – and why.

Request, accepted and successful meetings

See who met who, steer who can meet who and get a detailed breakdown of all meetings and meeting status happening at your event.

Content performance

Understand your most popular sessions and where attendees dropped off. Get an detailed report who was in which session and how long.


Get detailed reports, dashboards and download Excel, PDF’s and CSVs with all relevant data you need for your clients.

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