Frequently Asked Question

About hubs101

What exactly is hubs101?

hubs101 is a Whitelabel SaaS AI-powered virtual event & matchmaking platform and native event app. Built to boost engagement, networking and interaction, hubs101 is the perfect assistant for any virtual, huybrid or live event.

Why is a matchmaking and networking solution important for virtual events?

We have been hosting events for 10 years and know that networking is one of the most important reasons for attendees and exhibitors to join an event. With a matchmaking and networking solution like hubs101, you can boost the networking at your event and make it more efficient and fun for all attendees. Participants can easily spot who they should meet and why and leave your event more satisfied and with the feeling, that they got the best ROI out of their time.

How do I create my own hubs101 account?

hubs101 offers various packages tailored to your individual needs. Choose between one of our ready-to-use packages or contact us for an individual offer. We will find the best solution for you.

Will hubs101 work on my mobile device?

Yes, as native mobile app, hubs101 is your personal assistant that fits in any pocket. At live events, you can use hubs101 as event organizer & meeting planner, matchmaking & networking tool, for lead retrieval and to keep your attendees informed of agenda changes. There is much more the hubs101 native app can help you with. Discover more features.

Is it available in my country?

hubs101 can be delivered to any country and is available in German and English. We are constantly working on adding more languages.

Can I integrate video solutions for live and on demand streaming?

hubs101 supports all common streaming providers: Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Zoom, Goto Webinar.

What are the technical requirements for using hubs101?

Our virtual event platform works with the following browsers: Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, Safari. As the platform is programmed on ReactJS, Internet Explorer is not supported.
For an optimal experience you need a stable internet connection – we recommend using a desktop or laptop device. Alternatively, you can also use all mobile functions via your mobile phone.
To take advantage of virtual meetings and interactive sessions, we also recommend using a webcam and a microphone/headset.

Do attendees need to download / install a video/broadcasting software?

No. Attendees can just click on the “JOIN BROADCAST” button to enter a session.


How does the login process work for attendees?

As soon as they have registered for your event, they receive their login details via e-mail and can log in to the virtual event platform – even before the event, for example to plan their event agenda, participate in matchmaking or arrange virtual meetings with other participants,  partners & experts. Their login is activated before, during and after the live event (approx. 3 months).

How does the AI-based Matchmaking work?

When participants log into our virtual event platform for the first time, you can ask a series of questions to create personal user profiles. Based on this information, our matchmaking AI will provide users with a list of participants who best match the topics and needs they have selected. Users can arrange a virtual meeting with these participants at any time – as soon as a virtual meeting has been requested and confirmed, they can exchange information with their discussion partner via video call and screen sharing.

How can participants, speakers and partners interact?

Our virtual event platform offers a complete overview of participants (incl. name, job title, company, photo, investment areas and much more) sorted by number of matches showing attendees who fits best. In addition, they can filter the participants by topic interests, online or not yet online, company name and much more. Participants can also send private chat messages via the event platform and arrange virtual meetings.

How can attendees arrange and join virtual meetings?

Under “ATTENDEES & MATCHMAKING”, attendees can send meeting requests to participants of their choice or start already arranged virtual meetings by clicking on the “Join Meeting” Button under “MY MEETINGS”.

Can I see who is currently online and who is just logged in?

Yes, in the participant overview attendees can filter who is currently online, who has just logged in and who best suits their interests.

How can attendees create their own agenda?

Attendees can click on the “Attend Now” button under each session they want to attend. Their favorite sessions will be saved in a timeline under “My Schedule”, together with their accepted meetings.

How does the Broadcast work?

Attendees can participate in all sessions via desktop or mobile device. In the broadcast, the speakers are connected live via webcam and share their screen in order to show presentation slides, videos or software demos. Parallel to the sessions attendees can use either the chat or Q&A function to send questions, input and feedback in real time.

Can I make OnDemand Content available in the App?

Yes, you can upload all session recordings or other on demand content into the webapp. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with partners, speakers, participants and experts after the event.

How can I host interactive sessions?

You can host virtual workshops and discusson rounds, buy giving more than one speaker the option to speak, share their screen and show their camera. You can also decide how many attendees are supposed to be in a workshop, split groups and manage different workshops.

Can I measure the interaction at the event?

Yes, hubs101 delievers detailed event and attendee reporst and analytics. Control and measure the networking at your event and monitor the event performance in real time.

What does the Partner Expo offer for attendees?

Attendees can learn more about the partners of an event by entering the virtual Expo. They can learn more about the company, arrange meetings and get in touch through instant Video Chats.  The partner expo also offrers the download of additional materials such as videos, articles, whitepapers, etc.

Managing Your Account

How do I manage my account?

The backend of hubs101 is easy to use and has an intuitive design. To get you onboard,  our hubs101 customer care team will guide you through the first steps and assist you with setting up your personal event plattform.

How secure is the admin area?

hubs101 is committed to providing events around the world with a safe and secure way to share information on the cloud. Amazon Web Services is the hubs101 data hosting partner. The hubs101 client information is securely stored. Amazon compliances include: – PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider – ISO 27001 certified – SAS-70 Type II and SSAE16

Can I upgrade my account?

Yes, we offer you a flexible model that fits your individual business needs. If you have a rising number of attendees or need to host more events, you can easily contact us to upgrade your account.