1. Where do I find Analytics?

If the event organizer enables Analytics, you will be able to see Analytics about visitors on your profile.

2. How does My Analytics work?

My Analytics contains charts and a lead table.

You will get insights into the job level, industry, company size and country of origin of attendees who checked out your profile. You can also see who favored your profile and who clicked on links in your profile.

Get insights into your networking behavior on the event.

See which industry your profile visitors work in.

See the countries of origin of your profile visitors and much more.

In the lead view, you get detailed information about the attendees company, position etc.

The filter allows you to hide and show the columns of the table and to pick a timeframe for the visible data.

With the export functionality, you can export the table as CSV or XLSX file.

3. What do we track?

We track the session title that is visible under the livestream. We show the session that is related to the main stream. The session description is updating after session end, then you see the next one.

If you are watching on the Dashboard from morning until evening, we track you on all sessions presented on the Dashboard.

If you leave the dashboard and you come back, we track you every time.

If there is a parallel session and you click on it, we track you for that session (e.g. workshops, parallel streams).

4. How do I disable Analytics?

If you do not want to get information about profile visitors and if you do not want to get tracked, you can disable Analytics.

Go to “My Profile” in the menu.

Then click on the tab “Settings”.

Find the toggle buttons and click on “Share off” for My Analytics.

Now the tracking of your activities is disabled, until you switch it on again.

You have more questions? We are here to support you – Write us: support@hubs101.com