1. Where to find the event agenda?

For an overview of all sessions and workshops within the event, go to the agenda via the menu. Here you will find all presentations that will take place on the event days.

To view the schedule for another day, switch to the desired day in the upper bar and all presentations for this day will be displayed.

2. How to save a seat for the session?

If you are interested in a particular session, you can secure a seat by clicking on “Save your Seat”. Now your seat is secured.

All sessions for which you have secured a seat are also listed under the menu item “My Event Planner”.

If you change your mind and do not want to attend the presentation, click on “Seat saved” to cancel it.

3. How to add sessions to my calendar?

You can add sessions to your calendar.
To do this, go to the desired session in the agenda and click on the button on the right side “Add to calendar”.

Then choose from the options and save the session in your private calendar.

4. How can I filter the agenda?

If they are only interested in presentations on specific topics, you can filter the agenda based on the tracks assigned to the sessions.
To do this, use the filter option.

Select the topic you are interested in and click on it. Now only the sessions with this track will be displayed.

5. Where can I find my schedule for one day?

You can find your own agenda under the menu item “My Event Planner”. All your meetings, saved sessions are kept here.

You can also find your favorite delegates, speakers and partners here.

You have more questions? We are here to support you – Write us: support@hubs101.com