1. How to edit my profile?

Directly after your login, you will be asked to fill out your profile.

Fill out manually or take over your social media profile – of course you can edit your profile later from the app in the app menu panel on the left side.

2. Why should i complete the Survey?

As part of our digital event onboarding process, all attendees create a thematic profile by filling out a survey on their preferred topics, project intentions and investment decisions.

According to your answers, you will find the best participants at the event with the same interests in topics that will be discussed at the event.
This ensures that you are shown a selection of potential partners and speakers in advance and with whom you can best make contact.

3. What does the Survey look like?

The survey starts automatically after editing the profil and only takes a minute. Click on the button to start.

If you want to make the onboarding at another time, click on “Skip for now”

Save your answers and start networking.

According to your answers and profile, you will find your best match at the event.

You have more questions? We are here to support you – Write us: support@hubs101.com