1. Where to find my meetings?

In your Meeting area, you can find all the meetings related to your company. Go to  “Meetings” in the menu.

These can appear under different status:

  1. Meeting request: received meeting request to which you must reply
  2. Upcoming: meeting request accepted
  3. Canceled: meeting cancelled
  4. Declined: declined meeting request

2. How to manage my availabilities?

You can also be able to decide on your availability.

For example, if you want to make yourself unavailable on certain meeting slots simply go to your Profile and open the Tab “Time Slots”. There you have an overview of all Meetings or Meeting requests you got

  • Pending Meetings will be in yellow
  • Accepted are in Green
  • Unavailable slots will no longer be displayed on your profile and other participants will no longer be able to send meetings requests for these slots.

Simply click on the unavailable Timeslot again to make it again

3. How to answer a meeting request?

Participants in an event can request meetings with exhibitors. When you receive a meeting request. All requests received appear in your Menu, in the “My Meetings” tab.

When you click on the request, you can:

  1. Accept
  2. Change
  3. Decline

4. How to join a virtual One2One?

If the Attendee requested a video call with you, go to “My Meetings” and click on the meeting request of the asking person.

The Meetingdetails will show up. Click on “Join Virtual Meeting”

After clicking on “Join Virtual Meeting”, you will enter a private room where you can talk to your meeting partner.

5. How to request a meeting?

If you want to have a meeting with another attendee go to the attendee list and search for the desired participant.

Click on “Request Meeting”

After clicking on “Request Meeting”, you can choose the date, time and location. You can also write a short message and set a priority of the request.

Click “Send” and the attendee will receive the meeting request in the app and an automatically created email with the data for the meeting request.