1. How can I add further content?

More tab items can be used to add additional information about the event.

Create a new Moretab Item after clicking on “Moretab Item” in the Menu. Create a “New Detail Moretab”

Add a Lable, add a description/further Information, Optionally, several description sections can be added as well. Choose an Icon from below and click “Create”

2. How can I show that in my app?

If you have created a Moretab Item you can connect that one to a Menu item. Therefor it is the best to open two Tabs in your Brower, one where you have opened your Moretab item you already have created and in the other one open the Menu.

Now copy the MEG Link of your Moretab item

After you copied the MEG Link go to your second Tab and create a new Menu item. Put the Item in that spot you want it to appear in the app and click on the first checkbox on the right for editing it.

Put a name of your menuitem and insert the MEG link in the required field

Now copy the last part of the link and insert it in the next field “Web Link”. Make sure you write /page/ before pasting the numbers. Choose “Internal” for “Web Link type”

Choose your App and Webicon and update your Item and click “Udate Item”

After that make sure you click on “Update Menu now”, without that last step your menu will not change in the WebApp.

You have more questions? We are here to support you – Write us: support@hubs101.com