1. How to create meeting locations?

If you want your online event participants to be able to arrange meetings, you need to create meeting locations.

Therefor go to “Networking” > “Meeting Locations” and click on “New Meeting Location”

Now fill in the given fields. Write a higher number for capacity, because here is determined how many meetings can take place at the same time. Click “Create Meeting Location”.

2. How to create time frames?

When you have created Meeting Locations you also have to set up time frames for these Meetings.

For that got to “Networking” > “Time Frames” and create a new one. If your event takes longer than one day, create a time frame for each day of your event.

From the dropdown choose the “start-date” and “start-time” as well as the “end-date” and “end-time”. The time slot duration is set to 15 minutes per default. This indicates, how long each meeting will take and will calculate the time slots available within the time frame set. Save by clicking “Create Time frame”

3. How to delete and edit posts in the event chat?

The event chat serves as a communication platform. Your Attendees have the possibility to share their thoughts and ideas with all participants by posting something, replying to other posts or sharing them.

As an organizer you have the possibility to delete or edit all posts in the frontend. For this you will be provided with an admin email address with which you have access to all posts.

To edit the post, click on the pencil-icon in the upper right corner. For deleting the post completely click on the x-icon.

To edit or delete a comment first click on “View Post”. You will also find the two icons for editing or deleting.

4. What is the idea of the Matchmaking?

The Matchmaking is an additional bookable option for organizers.

As part of our digital event matchmaking process, all attendees create a thematic profile by filling out a survey on your preferred topics, project intentions and investment decisions.

According to the answers, the attendees will find the best participants at the event with the same interests in topics that will be discussed at the event.
This ensures that there are shown a selection of potential partners and speakers in advance and with whom the attendees can best make contact.

5. What does the Matchmaking look like?

The matchmaking starts automatically after the login and editing the profil. It only takes a minute. Click on the button to start.

There is the possibility to make the onboarding at another time by click on “Skip for now”

Save all answers and start networking.

Depending on their answers and profile, your participants will find their best match to get in touch with at the event.

You have more questions? We are here to support you – Write us: support@hubs101.com