1. How to edit my menu?

Go to “Structure” and click on “Menu” in the selection on the left side.

Click on the menu item you want to edit.

You can change the Title, the App icon and Web icon. The MEG Link, Web Link and Weblink type will be predefined by we.CONECT and cannot be changed. The Only menu item you can change is one linking to a Moretab item. Therefor see the next section.

2. How to insert a new menu item?

Adding new  menu items is ONLY possible with the type Moretab Items. Therfor create a new Item and move it to that spot you want it to appear in your App.

For the connection with Menu item and Moretab items follow the next steps.

First get the MEG Link of the Moretab item you want to connect with that menu item. Therefore, open “Moretab Item” in a new Tab. Click on the one Moretab item you want to connect an copy the MEG Link.

Open your Menu Item you want to connect with the Moretab item and put the MEG Link into the required fild.

Now copy the last part of the link and insert it in the next field “Web Link”. Make sure you write /page/ before pasting the numbers. Choose “Internal” for “Web Link type”

Choose your App and Webicon and update your Item and click “Udate Item”

After that make sure you click on “Update Menu now”, without that last step your menu will not change in the WebApp.

3. How to create meeting locations

If you want your online event participants to be able to arrange meetings, you need to create meeting locations.

Therefor go to “Networking” > “Meeting Locations” and click on “New Meeting Location”

Now fill in the given fields. Write a higher number for capacity, because here is determined how many meetings can take place at the same time. Click “Create Meeting Location”.

When you have created Meeting Locations you also have to set up time frames for these Meetings.

For that got to “Networking” > “Time Frames” and create a new one. If your event takes longer than one day, create a time frame for each day of your event.

From the dropdown choose the “start-date” and “start-time” as well as the “end-date” and “end-time”. The time slot duration is set to 15 minutes per default. This indicates, how long each meeting will take and will calculate the time slots available within the time frame set. Save by clicking “Create Time frame”