1. How to create Speaker manually

A speaker is the person who will speak during a session of the program: conference, workshop, etc. Speakers are added under “People”

  • Go to “People”. Fill in the few required fields, and if you want, complete the person’s profile in more details after clicking on “New Person”.
  • Click on “Create Person” afterwards.

2. How to connect speakers to sessions?

  • Once the Speaker have been added, they can be assigned to a session
  • Go to sessions on the menu

Click on “Edit” and go to the Tab “Add Person”.

Choose the person meant to speak at the session from the dropdown.

3. How to show speakers in the Attendee List?

Your Speakers are also shown in the Attendee list under “Speakers” in your final App. Therefore, you need to create that Person in the Attendee List.

  • Click on the small icon in the left top corner to get to your App Level in the CMS
  • Go to Attendees > Attendee List and the following will appear

Now you have two options

(A) You already created the Person or imported it

  • When you have Imported Attendees via an Excel File you need to search after the email address of the person
  • When you find the Person click on EDIT and go to Profile (second Tab)
  • Scroll down till “Tags” and put a checkmark in “Speaker” and update

(B) Create the Person

When you haven’t imported any Attendees or can’t find the Person via Search you need to create the Attendee.

  • Click on “New Attendee” and fill out the General information and the Profile of the person

Its very important that the Access Code Email and the Profile Email are the same!

  • When you filled out everything and scrolled down to Tags put the checkmark in Speakers as in (A) and update your Attendee.