Live Broadcast & Video Chat

Integrated Video Solutions

Our integrated video solution enables you to live stream any content, if it be webinars, online only events or hybrid events. Attendee to attendee communication through video chat enables unparalleled attendee engagement.

Key Features

Create an event with 100% virtual presentations and sessions without time limits, send your message live or stream your sessions whenever you want – 360 days a year. Our platform is designed to keep your attendees engaged, informed and entertained.

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Live Broadcasts &
Videos OnDemand

hubs101 allows you to integrate any streaming provider – for a seamless online streaming experience. Stream live or on demand content, manage your speakers and attendees and track user interaction during your broadcast.

Interactive Workshops

Manage quotas of people attending each workshop. Know who attends which session and alert them in case something changes.

Easy Networking

Help your attendees connect and create a thriving community by scheduling unlimited One2Ones or Video One2Ones, chats or group chats.

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