Smart meeting management for efficient networking

hubs101 makes it easy for attendees to connect onsite or virtually. Schedule meetings and keep track of your pending, declined or accepted appointments – hubs101 has got your attendees covered.

Comfortable meeting planner for desktop and mobile

Meet the right people at the right time: hubs101 helps attendees to meet and connect easily. Send meeting requests or accept incoming invitation with one click. Your meeting planner will show all your upcoming meetings in a clearly arranged timeframe.

See the status of your meeting request!
Detailed information about your meeting and meeting partner at a glance

Matchmaking & Networking

hubs101 will show your attendees their individual best matches at a glance. With just a few clicks, they can request and accept live or virtual meetings and make real connections.

Availability & Location

hubs101 finds the best time slots for any meeting. Choose between a variety of meeting locations – from onsite exhibition stands to virtual booths and breakout rooms. 


Automatic meeting reminders via e-mail or push notification will help your attendees to show up at their appointments on time.



Get a detailed real-time report of all scheduled, pending or declined meetings. Keep track of your attendee’s interaction before, during and after the event.

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