White Label & Customized

Virtual events that feel like your own events

Doesn’t matter if web-based, mobile, hybrid, multi event – It’s your event, so your app should reflect exactly your branding and what you want to showcase.

All the engagement features you need

Use your individual matchmaking powered by Artificial Intelligence to get to know more about your attendees:

Integrated Video Solutions

Use our professionell embedded Video Streams or integrate your own Service!

Your App, your brand, your content –

Customize your events with graphics, colors, icons, menu order and other branded features. Elevate attendee, speaker, and sponsor engagement with a fully-branded Desktop, mobile and native app for all of your events.

Customizable Login Backgrounds

Add custom backgrounds and Icons

Get your Event Landingpage

Add a custom URL and Favicon

Our personalized timetables find and recommend the best meeting time for your clients. Manage meeting locations, time slots and availabilities automatically. Use our deep search functionality and index your customers’ robust and unique profiles to generate relevant search attributes.

Virtual Expo

Introduce yourself as a potential new business partner and present the most important information at a glance! Customers may download topic related material that has been uploaded. With our platform customers will be able to request meetings, send direct messages or save partners as a favorite.

Customizable Layouts

Whether you want to have a clean, minimalist layout to maximize the space for your features, or a layout to rotate and showcase banners that drive traffic to your sponsors, promotions or any other content, you have full control.

Seamless Content Entry

No matter how complicated your event is, putting your content in your app is a breeze. Simply upload your content in bulk using Excel templates, or enter information manually with our easy-to-use interface.

Publish to all Platforms

Your app will be available across all devices. Attendees can download on Android, iOS, or check out the web version.

Your App = Your Brand + Your Content


Your brand is important, so deliver your brand experience by updating the colors, splash pages, and icons to represent your organization.

At the same time, incorporate the content you want to display, in the format you want to showcase it.

Meeting requests

Personalized timetables find and recommend the best meeting time for your clients. Manage meeting locations, time slots and availabilities automatically. Use our meeting concierge engine to manage individual meetings for your customers.

Event planning & Agenda

Comfortable meeting planner for desktop and mobile

Event Planning

Smart program

Your event schedule is easy to navigate and always kept up-to-date.

Interactive schedule

Your attendees always have the latest version of the program.
They can create their own
schedule and receive push reminders.

Push & Pull

Keep app users informed with the latest news and short-term push news.

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