The mission of hubs101

Cutting edge events

Build cutting edge virtual, hybrid and In-person events with hubs101 a SaaS based event technology and a all-in-one live- & online event platform app, our mission is to offer a data-driven experience that bridges the gap between the online and face-to-face world.

Interaction at its best!

Hosted and developed in Berlin, hubs101 believes in the impact of human-to-human interaction doesn’t matter if on physical meetings or digital events.


Experts on board

Just in 2020 we helped more than 10.000 clients to reach their business goals and to achieve a maximum on ROI of their time at digital events and meetings. Our team is having the knowledge of more than 20 years experience in the meeting- and event industry so we got you and we know your event is in good hands.


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Our clients love us!

we.CONECT reached top 10 B2B industry index with 38 points. This is an outstanding result for our industry. Thanks to all our customers for your trust in this uncertain times!

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