1. How can I start a chat?

2. How can I create a new chat?

1. How can I access my chats?

There are three ways in which you can access the chat function.

  1. Menu: You can access the chat by clicking on “My Chats” on the menu to the left.
  2. Chat Bubble: Independent of in which page you are in on the App, on the right top corner you can see a circle with some message icons, if you click on it, you can click on “Go to chats” to be redirected to your chats, or to see your current chats.
  3. Attendees: You can access the chat via the attendee list, click on “Attendees”, once the list of attendees appears you can click on an attendee you are interested in, and start a chat by clicking on “Chat”.

2. How can I create a new chat?

You can create a new chat by going to “My chats” on the menu to the left.

Once you are on your chats overview, click on “Start Chat” or “Start Group Chat”, depending on what type of chat you wish to create.

Once you have clicked either one of those, a pop-up appears. Select the participants who are meant to take part of the chat, and once all have been added click “Done”.

Now you can start chatting away, and creating new connections!

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