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1. I didn't receive a login email, what should I do?

2. Why can't I log in?

3. I forgot my password - What to do?

1. I didn’t receive a login email, what should I do?

It is possible that this email is in your Spam folder. Search for „@hubs101.com“

If this is not the case, check that the email address you are using is the right one and contact support@hubs101.com or the event organizer.

2. Why can’t I log in?

There may be several reasons why your login with your email address and password is not possible:

1) Make sure you are registered to the event you are attending.
2) The email address you entered must be the one you used to register to the event. Make sure you have no empty spaces in your email or password field.
3) If you entered your email address correctly, you might have made a mistake while registering to the event. Contact support@hubs101.com or the event organizer so that we can check for you.

3. I forgot my password – What to do?

If you forgot your password use the “Reset your Password”  button on the Login Page. You will recieve an email, click on the “Reset Password” button and set your new password.

If there are any other issues with your Login feel free to contact support@hubs101.com or the event organizer directly.

You have more questions? We are here to support you – Write us: support@hubs101.com