Create / Edit my exhibition booth

1. How to create a booth?

2. How can I edit a booth?

1. How to create a booth?

With the help of a booth, exhibitors (such as business partners) can describe their company and draw attention to their sessions as well as case studies.

If you wish to add a booth go to “Content” and click “Exhibition”. Now you can click on the blue “Add Booth” button to create a new booth.

Once you have clicked on “Add Booth”, you can add information, exhibitors, documents and sessions to your booth.

Information: When you click on “Information” you can set the basic information such as the name, an image or a short discription of your company.

Exhibitors: If you click on “Exhibitors” you can add your team as people of contact that attendees can get in touch with, in order to get more information about your company.

Documents: You can upload a document for more information (e.g. Whitepapers, Case Studies, etc.)

Sessions: You can select the session from the drop-down list, which is going to be hosted by your company, in order to link it to your booth.

2. How can I edit a booth?

If you want to edit an existing booth, click on the small pencil icon on the right side of the booth.

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