Under Invitations you can invite Attendees or Event Managers to your Event.

1. General overview

2. How can I invite an attendee?

3. How can I invite an event manager?

4. How can I resend the Invitation email for an event manager?

1. General overview

Once you are on the “Event Management”, click on “Attendees” then a small list will pop-up underneath. Click on “Registrations” in order to get an overview of the registered attendees. You can edit participants by clicking on the pencil button next to the attendess registration information.

2. How can I invite an Attendee?

If you want to invite a new attendee you need to click on “Invitations” and then choose “Invite Attendee”.

It is important that you fill in all the fields.

3. How can I invite an Event Manager?

To add a new event manager you must click on “Attendees” and then on “Invitations”.

In the window that opens, select “Event Manager” in the upper right corner, then click on the blue “Invite Event Manager” button. Fill in all the fields, and send out the invitation by clicking “Send invitation”.

4. How can I resend the invitation email for an event manager?

To resend the invitation email, click on “Attendees” > “Invitations” > “Event Manager” at the top of the bar.

Click on the small blue letter icon to the right of the person you wish to resend the invitation to.

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