1. How to add an exhibitor?

In your Exhibitor area, you can add or modify the following information:

  • Description
  • Logo
  • Website URL
  • Classification in Event Lead Partner, Primary Partner, Partner

Choose Exhibitors in the Menu and click on “new Exhibitor”

Fill in the following information.

The company logo needs to be a .png and needs a width of 450 px.

Add the URL of the Exhibitor in “Website 1” Make sure it sais “https://”.

If you want to have a video of one Exhibitor check out the point “Brand my Exhibition Area” and you will See how it could look like.

Classify the exhibitors by “Recomandation priority”

  • Put a Checkmark by “Recommanded”
  • Event Lead Partner > Value “2”
  • Primary Partner > Value “1”
  • Regular Partner > Value “0”, there is no need to put the checkmark

Click on “Update Exhibitor” to save.

2. How to bind an exhibitor to a session?

Let’s take an example: if an exhibitor sponsors a session, it could be relevant to bind him to the said session. To do this, you need to follow this path:

The exhibitor has to be created beforehand.

  • Go to “Sessions” and search for the sponsored Session
  • Search for the exhibitor in the drop-down menu “Sponsoring Exhibitor” and select it

3. How to choose the order of appearance of the different types of exhibitors?

From the Exhibitors tab, you can define the order of appearance of the different types of exhibitors within their category
For instance, you can order them by order of importance to highlight one or another.

  • Go to Exhibitors
  • as you can see most of these Exhibitors have the “Recommendation Priority 0” but you can rearrange the order by holding down the partner’s logo and moving it to the desired position. E.g. we.CONECT is more important then Scale Up

You have more questions? We are here to support you – Write us: support@hubs101.com